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Study programmes

PWSZ in Wałcz offers full time and extramural Bachelor programmes:


  1. Internal security
  2. National security and civil defense
About the study field:

The Security studies were created in response to the local labor market demand for specialists due to the shortage of employees in the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Interior and Administration. The study program was fully consulted and adapted to the needs of employers, therefore two modules of elective subjects (specializations) were created: internal security and national security and civil defense.

Graduate profile:

The aim of the studies in the field of Security at the first level with a practical profile is to enable students to expand and deepen the knowledge, skills and social competences necessary in the course of professions related to security and to deepen the ability to use theoretical knowledge in practice. After completing the first-cycle studies, the graduate, depending on the chosen specialization, is capable of independent observation of social phenomena, multi-dimensional analysis of situations that arise in the course of the profession, perceiving threats, as well as responding to threats. He can use the acquired knowledge to ensure both national and internal security. He also has basic research skills that will allow him to carry out research in the area of ​​security. work with which he is prepared during his studies.


  1. Local government
  2. Tax administration
  3. Security administration
About the study field:

The fundamental assumption of the Administration studies is the synergy of knowledge, skills and competences, coming from various disciplines, and necessary to play an active professional and social role at work in the structures of local and government administration, in structures creating and supporting entrepreneurship and social activity, as well as performing tasks in the field of security and public order protection.

Graduate profile:

A graduate of the Administration course acquires knowledge and skills in the field of social sciences, in particular administration and legal sciences, which will provide him with professional preparation for professional work in the structures of local and regional government administration. Completion of the Administration course is the right way to acquire or supplement knowledge and skills for people who plan or have already connected their professional lives with authorities performing tasks in the field of security and public order protection (police, emergency services, military police and others). This allows for the acquisition of appropriate preparation for both young people and people over 26 who want to retrain into administrative work (e.g. due to the end of military service or work in other uniformed services). Competences related to the daily practice of ensuring public safety and order, as well as the issues of emergency states, in particular crisis management and counteracting local and regional threats, are also acquired in this field.


  1. Accounting and Taxes in the enterprise
  2. Payroll and HR
  3. Finance and accounting of enterprises
  4. European project manager
About the study field:

In the field of Finance and Accounting, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of finance and accounting as well as the functioning of financial and insurance institutions and banks. The aim of the studies is to professionally prepare the student to the needs of the labor market. Students learn about the functioning of systems in the field of finance and accounting as well as the functioning of economic entities and financial institutions, acquire competences in operating these systems and making financial decisions, and acquire the ability to analyze and forecast basic economic phenomena and economic and financial situations of economic units.

Graduate profile:

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, graduates of Finance and Accounting studies can obtain employment in the following institutions:

  • enterprises – in positions in the field of accounting and finance;
  • financial institutions – in positions in the field of corporate and retail banking, as credit analysts, employees of the private banking sector, specialists in property and life insurance, specialists in the field of investments in the financial market, financial advisors;
  • in the public sector as employees of local government administration, tax administration, management of health care institutions, education, specialists in public procurement, internal auditors.


  1. Business management
  2. Marketing and sales
About the study field:

The functioning of the enterprise sector in a changing socio-economic and legal environment places high demands on the management staff in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences in the process of enterprise management. In response to the demand of the local and regional labor market, the concept of the specialization was developed, meeting the expectations of employers in terms of highly qualified management staff with interdisciplinary knowledge in the following disciplines: management, finance and accounting, economics and law. The graduate of the specialization will be prepared to perform managerial functions at various levels in a large organizational structure as well as to manage a small and medium-sized enterprise, a skill that is particularly desired by the local labor market. Completing the business management specialization on a practical profile guarantees the acquisition of skills that allow you to fully use both the internal and external potential of the company.

Graduate profile:

Thanks to studies in the field of Management, future graduates acquire knowledge in the field of market research and analysis, developing business plans, building marketing plans, understanding the mechanisms of operation of enterprises in the area of ​​responding to challenges and challenging competitors. In particular, the skills of managing human resources, negotiating, and using modern multimedia techniques used in management and logistics are educated.


  1. Social animation and culture management
  2. Care and rehabilitation pedagogy
  3. Care pedagogy with geragogy (caring for the elderly)
  4. Professional and personal counseling with elements of coaching
About the study field:

In the field of Pedagogy, students are educated in order to prepare for professional work, at the same time creating conditions for its development and promoting pedagogical support in all social groups. The process of educating students in the field of Pedagogy is focused on practical education, personal development and deepening the interests of students. The acquired skills and competences make it possible to work in various institutions of the local environment and prepare for independent planning and implementation of tasks in work with various social groups. Completion of studies creates opportunities to obtain full professional qualifications in the field of care and rehabilitation pedagogy, care pedagogy with geragogy, professional and personal counseling with elements of coaching, as well as social animation and culture management.

Graduate profile:

A graduate of Pedagogy will have the skills of social communication, using a diagnostic workshop, as well as the possibility of enriching and improving his knowledge and competences in the field of practical operation and creating his own methodological workshop. The future educator will have the ability to reflectively look at their own professional role and deepen understanding of the educational reality. A graduate of Pedagogy will obtain basic professional qualifications related to a group of subjects to choose from, corresponding to the interests of the graduate. It will be prepared, among others to work in: educational institutions, specialist clinics, workplaces, health care, labor offices, cultural centers, as well as in institutions of social prevention and social assistance.


  1. Teacher training with correction of posture defects
  2. Teacher training with a personal trainer
About the study field:

1st degree professional studies in the field of Physical Education last 3 years (6 semesters) and end with obtaining the professional title of a bachelor. Depending on the chosen specialization, the graduate will be prepared to work as a physical education teacher and additionally will be entitled to conduct classes in corrective gymnastics for children or a physical education teacher and additionally will have the qualifications of a personal trainer to work with an individual client.

PWSZ in Wałcz offers full time and extramural Engineering programmes:


  1. Production systems management
  2. Industrial logistics
  3. Lean Management
  4. Automation and diagnostics in welding
About the study field:

In the current labor market, there is a need for employees with new engineering skills standards. Our institute, in response to the needs of the labor market, educates specialists in management and production engineering. Knowledge of management alone is not enough anymore. Companies need people who have an education that combines the ability to solve problems with knowledge about the entire production cycle of a product or service. Employers are looking for staff who know the specifics of a specific industry, can analyze information resources, and solve issues in the field of production technology. Our graduates are people who have the ability to solve problems in management and production engineering with the help of computer systems. We educate future employees who can combine modern knowledge and engineering skills with managerial skills. Our field of study belongs to a group of studies that are particularly desired on the labor market. An engineering degree in management and production engineering gives you the opportunity to quickly start work after graduation, because employers need specialists in this field.

Graduate profile:

A graduate of Management and Production Engineering is prepared to:

  • managing of production processes in a selected field of production engineering;
  • organizing and managing personnel;
  • coordinating the work of employee teams;
  • participating in the implementation and implementation of research and development related to technological and organizational innovations;
  • participating in works related to technical and organizational consulting in a selected field of manufacturing engineering.

A graduate of Management and Production Engineering has the ability to:

  • associate technical and economic problems;
  • prepare and organize the production process with the assessment of economic results;
  • use of IT technology;


  1. Network Administrator
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Computer forensics
About the study field:

The field of Computer Science – engineering studies equips graduates with knowledge and skills in the field of complex IT issues as well as knowledge and technical skills in the field of security of information systems, as well as educates the ability to think analytically. The study program is a maximum of practical knowledge, adapted to industry certifications and the labor market (Cisco, Microsoft, OSSTMM Certificates). Modern forms of education (stationary and virtual Cisco laboratories, e-learning platforms, practical projects in the workplace).

Graduate profile:

A graduate of engineering studies in the field of computer science will obtain advanced knowledge and skills in the field of general issues of computer science as well as knowledge and technical skills in the field of information systems. He will know and understand the principles of construction of computers and devices cooperating with them, operating systems, computer networks and databases on the basis of electronics, digital technology and electronic measurement. He will acquire computer programming skills and learn the principles of software engineering to a degree enabling effective work in programming teams. Gain basic knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, computer graphics and human-computer communication. Will acquire analytical thinking skills. They will be able to use their knowledge in their professional work in compliance with legal and ethical principles.