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Witamy     Tel.:+48 67 250 01 87    OBSERWUJ NAS

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The dormitory is located in the building of the State Higher Vocational School in Walcz, on the Wojska Polskiego 99 street.

All rooms are equipped with: bed, wardrobe, table, chair, night table, hanging shelf, curtains and night lamp. Erasmus students also gets: duvet + cover, pillow + cover and sheet. Students living in a dormitory can use the fully equipped kitchen, living room and bathroom.

The dormitory fees:

• Place in 1-bed room – 800 PLN;

• Place in 2-bed room – 500 PLN;

• Place in 2-3-bed room (shared bathroom for 2 rooms)  – 480 PLN

• Place in 2-bed room (shared bathroom for 3 rooms)  – 460 PLN

The price of the accommodation depends on the availability of individual rooms.

Foreign students pay an additional fee for laundry service according to the current pricelist of laundry service provider.