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Application procedure

Application deadlines:

June 1 – Winter semester

November 15 – Spring semester

The standard procedure for students from Partner Universities:
  1. The student sends to the International Cooperation Office an Application Form and Learning Agreement.
  2. After acceptance, International Cooperation Office sends Letter of Acceptance and signed Learning Agreement and, if applicable, information about accommodation booking to the Erasmus+ Office at Partner Institution
  3. Upon arrival, the student receives the student ID card and is registered for classes.
  4. After completion of all modules the student provides Card of students achievements to the Erasmus+ Coordinator.
  5. International Cooperation Office draws up a certificate of completed education and transcript (Transcript of Record) and sends it to the student’s home university.
  6. The following documents are required when applying:
    1. Application form;
    2. Transcript of Previous Records;
    3. Learning Agreement;
    4. medical certificate of good health that allows the study;
    5. A copy of the identity document
    6. 3 passport photos;
  7. The following documents are required for admission:
    1. long-stay visa (if applicable);
    2. A copy of the document authorizing the use of health care on Polish territory. Where possible, it is recommended that the beneficiary has obtained the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ)
    3. Copies of documents confirming the appropriate travel insurance at least in the following areas:
      1. travel insurance (including damage or loss of luggage);
      2. liability (including, where appropriate, third party liability insurance or professional liability insurance resulting from the need to repair the damage caused to third parties by the insured or the person for whom he is responsible.)
      3. insurance against accidents and serious illness (including permanent or temporary incapacity for work)
      4. insurance in case of death (including repatriation in case of projects carried out abroad).


International Cooperation Office

Institutional Coordinator of International Programmes, Erasmus+ Coordinator: Kamil Woźny


Phone: +48 67 2590970