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The University of Applied Sciences in Wałcz is a higher educational institution,  which was founded on 1st July 2004. Since then, professionals have been educated here.

PWSZ in Wałcz offers full time and extramural Bachelor’s and engineering programs lasting 6 or 7 semesters. There are the following programmes carried out we can offer cooperation within:

A seven-semester Bachelor’s program in Management and Production Engineering, with four specialties to choose from:
1.    Industrial logistics
2.    Programming for machine tools and technological devices
3.    Management of automatic production systems

A six-semester Bachelor’s program Pedagogy offers four specialties:
1.    pedagogy with early – school education focused on educating teachers for the integrated preschool or primary education,
2.    early education and special pedagogy – preparing educators able to work with young children with developmental disorders or at risk of disabilities.
3.    pedagogy of child and youth care and re-socialization  focused on educating social workers able to deal with difficult adolescents and  juveniles,
4.    pedagogy of elderly care and geragogy (eldergogy) focused on educating social workers able to deal with all the life difficulties and complexity concerning the elderly

A six-semester Bachelor’s program Physical Education offers two specialties:
1.    Personal security and property protection
2.    Physical education teaching with additional specialization in remedial exercises.

A six-semester Bachelor’s programme Finance and Accounting offers specialities:

1.    Banking
2.    e-Finance
3.    Public administration management
4.    Accounting for managers

A six-semester Bachelor’s programme Information Technology for Business and Administration offers specialties:
1.    The Internet Technologies
2.    IT systems for management

A six-semester Bachelor’s programme Administration offers specialities:

1.    Local government administration
2.    Administration for public and national security


A four-semester Master’s program in Management, with three specialties to chose from:
1. Management in education with coaching
2. Management in logistics
3. Management in health care

A six-semester Bachelor’s program in Management, with two specialties to chose from:
1. Business management
2. Marketing and sales


PWSZ in Wałcz has been developing dynamically from the very start and, despite its “young age”, has become a leading higher education institution in the region. Our staff members come from renowned universities and colleges from all around Poland. The college is located in two building complexes; a neo-gothic building from the beginning of the 20th century, and former army barracks spread over an area of 4,6586 hectares. The rector’s office, other authorities’ offices and administrative offices, as well as the computer lab, some lecture rooms and the aula are located in the historic, neo-gothic building. Most of the regular classes and lectures are held in the former army barracks, which have been modernized and adapted for teaching purposes. The class and lecture rooms are of high standard and are equipped with high quality multimedia facilities. As the quality of teaching is a priority at PWSZ in Wałcz, labs and classes are taught in small groups and with the use of modern techniques.

The Main Library resources are open to students and staff members. All Library material is contained in online catalogues. There is Careers Office as well as Students’ Union and Scientific Student Groups operating in the school. The students can develop their passions and interests. During the studies they also acquire practical skills through participation in internship and apprenticeship programs. Throughout the studies attention is paid both to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, thanks to which, our graduates are sought after by employers.
PWSZ participates in the European Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus; and in 2007 it was granted the Erasmus Card.
All grades and credits received during the studies at PWSZ in Wałcz are converted into ECTS (European Credit Transfer System ) points, thanks to which there is a possibility of student exchange with partner universities and schools.
Good quality education is a priority at PWSZ, which makes it the school for ambitious, conscientious and gifted people. We ensure high educational standards and enable achieving specific goals. Majors and specialties at PWSZ in Wałcz facilitate pursuing a successful career at attractive work places in Poland and abroad. There is a dormitory available for the students; and, thanks to Careers Office, we can also offer private halls.


The city of Wałcz is located close to the Polish-German border (150 km.) and is crossed by main communication roads; from border crossings in Szczecin and Świnoujście to Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and furtherto the eastern border (route10) from border crossings in Świecko and Słubice (Frankfurt) to Gdańsk, Elbląg and further to Kaliningrad (route 22) from Silesia, Poznań to Kołobrzeg and Koszalin (route 178) Wałcz is located in the centre of the Wałeckie Lake Distric (Pojezierze Wałeckie), a beautiful region of 150 lakes. The city itself is situated between two lakes, with additional small lakes scattered around. Wałcz is surrounded by lush, ancient forests with several nature monuments. The whole Lake District is under ecological protection.
The tourist, recreational and environmental amenities of the city make it a perfect place for nature lovers and active people. Wałcz and its surroundings provide ideal conditions for any form of tourist activity; walking, cycling, horse riding, sailing or canoeing.
The Central Sports Centre – Olympic Games Preparation Centre is located in the city. Athletes from all over the country come here for sports gatherings. PWSZ students also practice at the Central Sports Centre.


Rektorat (Rector’s Office)
Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Wałczu
ul. Bydgoska 50
78-600 Wałcz

tel./fax: + 48 67 250 01 87

Erasmus Coordinator